Not a car owner?


You're not the car owner, but it happens that you need a car? No need to buy it and throw away a lot of money from the window. It's here for you to lend your car. You can choose from a large number of cars. From small personal, to transits, or also luxury cars brands BMW, Audi, or Mercedes.

Rent cars to companies, but also to private operators. We have a bonus in the form of a discount, when renting a car for more than 31 days. You do not have to worry about the maintenance of the car, everything we solve for you. Most of our vehicles have a valid vignette, so you can transport them anywhere.


We are constantly expanding our fleet so that the customer can make a larger choice. Car Rental offers online booking, so you can choose the car you want to ride from the comfort of your home. Cars we have really many just look.

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