Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a great choice for your interior. They have an incredible amount of attractive designs, stand out for durability, have a very long lifespan and are well maintained. They safely withstand water, the floors are not full or otherwise deformed. Vinyl Flooring is an extraordinary hardness, thanks to which your pet is not […]

Sales of Companies

Our core business is all about ready-made companies, and sales of companies. It is much more profitable to buy a turnkey company than to create a company using its own forces and means. You will save very much time spent on offices, and a lot of energy. We have a special offer for you regarding […]

It has to push the eye

Do you reconstruct your apartment or house? Then surely you want to choose only the best. The best quality and also, of course, to enjoy it for you and your family. To make it exactly according to your tastes. And all this will fulfill the wooden floors from the company Parket system S. R. O, […]

Not a car owner?

RENT You're not the car owner, but it happens that you need a car? No need to buy it and throw away a lot of money from the window. It's here for you to lend your car. You can choose from a large number of cars. From small personal, to transits, or also luxury cars […]

We will only deal with the necessary formalities

The car rental started its activity in 2008. It is therefore a young and flexible company, the lowest prices for car rental in the Czech Republic. We do not like lengthy paperwork, so we do not burden our customers. We will only deal with the necessary formalities in the shortest possible time. This car rental […]

Gorgeous sets

We have a great offer for you the most luxurious furniture for small children, which is of high quality and diverse types. The children's furniture, which is modern and very elegant, is in the menu of all kinds and sizes, or only in individual parts, which you need to buy into the rooms of your […]

Be original

Your business would want to push a bit, make it visible. Everyone will do the best for their company and its logo. It is also common to publish a website address. You can and would like to use the production of promotional items, stickers, pencols, calendars and other items. You can also try to print […]


Our company has a wealth of experience in the field, which proves the great interest of our customers in our services. Since 1990, our company has been very successful in the market and we are confident that we are doing our job very well. Sewer connections, sewage cleaning, water supply maintenance, waste cleaning, waste disposal, […]