The best selection of poppers on the market

Some poppers from our offer can also be used as room flavors. These are those that have this information listed in the original language of the packaging manufacturer. The ingredients contain nitrites. They act like nitrates. Reduce blood pressure due to widening of blood vessels. However, nitrites do not belong to the categories of psychotropic and narcotic substances.
The nitrites contained in Poppers are among pharmaceuticals and inflammable substances. Caution should be exercised when handling them. Volatile substances pass easily into the brain through the lungs. It does not metabolize in the liver. They are performed on the central nervous system. After an effect on the CNS, euphoric feelings of
The nitrites contained in poppers cause intoxicity and euphoria. The regulation of these feelings is possible, namely the depth of breathing. The following is the release of smooth muscles, a drop in pressure, a rush of blood to the head and feelings of excitement.