We can design built-in cabinets so that the space of the apartment is used in the most efficient way

Narrow cabinets are chosen in places with a lack of space, such as corridors and anteroom. Every extra storage space is handy! Narrow cabinets are great for storing small items in baskets, boxes and boxes.
Built-in wardrobes are placed from floor to ceiling, so their height can reach up to three meters. However, we use the pantographs to take advantage of the highest spots. We pull the hanging system up to the waist level, making it easier and more enjoyable to process the selection of clothes. Built-in wardrobes can also serve as practical partitions to divide the room.
And what to replace the built-in closet?
We will show you a wealth of possibilities and solutions! Find your way to us at last! Make sure we put our competition in your pocket!