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How to Settle on Eyelash Extensions Suitable for You

Applying mascara each morning soon becomes a tiring experience. You begin to wish you had long beautiful lashes that made the process of applying mascara unnecessary. It is good news then that you can have this dream of lashes you wanted. Eyelash extensions are your solution. You can wear them for up to two months, giving you thicker, fuller, and natural-looking lashes the entire time. Mascara will never serve your needs in such fashion.
When you wish to use eyelash extensions, you need to know which one to pick. You can use the guide here to understand the process.
You need to begin by deciding which type of eyelash extension to go for. There are three types out there; silk, mink, and synthetic.
You will find mink lashes from the tail fur of Chinese or Siberian minks. You need to consider them for their natural look and for your novelty in eyelash extension application. They are lightweight and fluffy, adding to their natural look. You should, however, check that you are not allergic to such animal products. Your conscience also needs to be fine with you using such animal products. People have also begun taking a keen interest in fox fur lashes. You only need to keep on perming them to ensure they have that curl.
If however you cannot afford the mink selection, and you still want that natural look, you should consider buying faux mink or faux fur extensions.
You need to stop thinking that silk lash extensions are made from real silk. They are heavier, and thus best for special occasions. Their weight makes some people prefer to wear faux mink lashes.
As soon as you have picked the right type of lash for you, you should now consider its length. You need to choose either a long or short one. The longer the lashes, the wispier they look. If you go for the shorter ones, they will look fuller and darker.
After figuring out the length, you need to figure out the type of curl. There are several types of curls out there. The J Curl works best for when you need a natural-looking set of lashes. B Curls has an even more natural look. C Curl is quite popular since the curl is conspicuous enough without being too dramatic. D Curl, on the other hand, has the most dramatic curve. The L Curl is ideal for those with hooded eyes.
With these points, you can be certain you will know how to pick the right extensions for your needs. Once you do, you need to make an appointment to go get them fixed.
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